‘No Hard Feelings’: 7 People On What They Really Owe Their Exes

You’re reading Shout Out To Your Ex, our series on breakups, bouncing back, and why the end of a relationship can be the start of everything else.

If Little Mix have taught us anything, it’s that once the wounds have healed, we can all take something positive from a breakup. “You made my heart break and that made me who I am,” sing our favourite group, as love-struck teens and divorcees triple their age nod along – or punch the air – in agreement.

Few lyrics resonate quite so universally. A breakup can alter our understanding both of love and ourselves, says Counselling Directory member Samantha Adams – and that’s why it can feel so transformative.

“Some relationships aren’t meant to be forever, but may be right for a ‘season’ of your life. By the end of a relationship, you are not the same person as you were at the beginning, nor will you be if you decide to commit to another relationship,” she tells HuffPost UK.

From opening our eyes to new passions to helping us discover something life-altering about ourselves, we asked readers to share the positives they’ve taken from past partners to mark the launch of our series, Shout Out To Your Ex.

“Take with you what you’ve learnt and collect the experiences about what you need,” Adams advises, “even if that lesson was a difficult and painful one.”

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