Nothing To See Here, Just David Beckham Watching The Footie With Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively

David Beckham put in an appearance in the stands of Wembley Stadium on Sunday to watch Wrexham AFC, who are owned by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

And just to up the A-list ante, the two stars were joined by Ryan’s wife, actor Blake Lively and Anchorman’s Will Ferrell.

David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell

Eddie Keogh – The FA via Getty Images

Alas, the famous foursome’s star power didn’t rub off on the team, who lost 1-0 to Bromley.

Ryan and his mate, fellow actor Rob McElhenney, took full control of the National League club from the Wrexham Supporters Trust in February 2021, investing £2million under the terms of the deal.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Eddie Keogh – The FA via Getty Images

Last year, Ryan revealed he had been seeking advice from Becks after buying the local British club.

“If you can just make heavy eye contact with Beckham for… about 20 seconds, your football knowledge grows exponentially,” Ryan joked.

“Sometimes I just FaceTime him and I’m just like, ’Don’t speak. Just stare at me″.”

Ryan and David struck up a friendship after Ryan’s superhero character made a quip about the footballer’s voice in Deadpool.

Becks later appeared in an online sketch where Deadpool apologised for saying he sounded like he “mouth-sexed a can of helium”.

Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham
Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham

Matt Lewis – The FA via Getty Images

Since buying the club, Ryan gifted his Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob a urinal at the club’s football stadium in the Welsh town, complete with commemorative plaque.

The plaque reads: “This urinal is dedicated to Robert McElhenney on his birthday – April 14. With love from Wrexham AFC, paid for by Ryan Reynolds.”

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