Number 10’s Message to Biden Originally Congratulated Trump

Number 10’s Message to Biden Originally Congratulated Trump

An hour after the race was called for Biden, the Prime Minister tweeted his congratulations to the new President Elect of the United States. Fox called the race at 4:40 PM London time – the last major broadcaster to do so. Boris tweeted at 5:49 PM, over an hour later. Which is why Guido was surprised to see another message buried within the congratulatory image..

Below the congratulatory words for Biden and Harris, a different message can just be made out – one that clearly congratulates President Trump. Clearly two separate images were not prepared in advance. One congratulatory image, for Trump, appears to have been adjusted at the last minute. Leaving behind remanence of the previous message…

In a far smaller font size (likely implying a longer message), the words “Trump on his” and “on the future of this” can be clearly made out. By adjusting the contrast and brightness levels of the image, Guido was able to reveal some of the message beneath more clearly:

Guido encourages readers to go to the Prime Minister’s original tweet and zoom and do some digital CSI themselves…. 

Hat-tip: National File

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