Politicians Get Creamed After Weird Attempt To Smear Biden Over Mayonnaise

Republicans in the US state of North Carolina are getting creamed on social media for their weird new attack on President Joe Biden

The state’s GOP tweeted a link to a story on inflation and highlighted a line about a restaurant that claimed to have spent an extra $200 a week on mayonnaise. Naturally, the party blamed it on Biden: 

However, the article quoted experts who blamed the coronavirus pandemic for recent inflation. And the Biden administration said the price increases were a short-term effect of reopening the economy after a year of closures and shutdowns that will eventually settle.  

The article also noted that the price index was up by 5.4 percent. Some Twitter users did the math and calculated that at that rate, a restaurant would have to be spending about $3,700 a week on mayo in order to pay an additional $200 a week for the condiment.   

A search of e-commerce sites showed that mayo could be had for $10 to $15 a gallon, depending on the brand, meaning the restaurant would be smearing about 250 to 370 gallons a week. 

That’s a lot of mayo, as Twitter users were quick to point out:

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