Prince Harry Wants To Spill Family Tea And Reconcile. Is That Even Possible?

If there’s one person Prince Harry isn’t going to sever ties with, it’s his therapist.

In his new tell-all memoir, Spare, the Duke of Sussex portrays his therapist as one of the few people truly in his corner.

Harry writes that she was the first person he called after a verbal fight with his older brother, Prince William, turned physical. (William had stormed into Harry’s home at Kensington Palace and labeled Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, “difficult,” “rude” and “abrasive,” according to the younger prince.)

Instead of Markle, it was the therapist whom the Duke of Sussex reached out to: “Thank God she answered. I apologised for the intrusion, told her I didn’t know who else to call,” he writes. “I told her I’d had a fight with Willy, he’d knocked me to the floor. I looked down and told her that my shirt was ripped, my necklace was broken.”

Interestingly, Prince William – the person who receives the lion’s share of Harry’s ire in Spare – was the family member who initially recommended Harry try therapy. Years later, Harry says that William has changed his tune and once feared that his younger brother was being “brainwashed” by it.

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