Public Think Trump Naughtier than Putin

Public Think Trump Naughtier than Putin

This year Father Christmas doesn’t have to work too hard to decide who is on the naughty or nice list, as IpsosMORI has done the work for him. The pollster asked the British public to order a list of 37 public figures as to whether they would be on Father Christmas’s naughty, or nice list. The top five naughtiest public figures this year were…

  • Trump – 59%
  • Cummings – 44%
  • Putin – 39%
  • Boris – 34%
  • Corbyn – 32%

It’s remarkable Corbyn’s still in people’s minds. Though slightly beating Boris this year is an improvement on 2019 when he ranked worse than Epstein

The top five nicest:

  • NHS Staff – 60%
  • Captain Tom – 39%
  • Marcus Rashford – 34%
  • The Queen – 33%
  • Judi Dench – 21%

According to the full list Piers Morgan only just tops Corbyn…

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