Radio 2’s Tina Daheley Forgets Her Own Name During News Bulletin, And LOL

When you get up as early as breakfast radio presenters do, it must be pretty disorientating, so we can totally understand why Tina Daheley had a bit of a moment on Wednesday morning.

The Radio 2 Breakfast Show newsreader was introducing a bulletin when she got her own name muddled up, and introduced herself as a totally different BBC journalist instead.

At the top of the 7am news, Tina was heard saying: “BBC News at 7 o’clock on Wednesday 7 December. Good morning, this is Lisa Costello.”

Quickly realising her mistake, Tina let out a giggle as she corrected herself, saying: “This is Tina Daheley.”

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Referencing the Will Ferrell film Anchorman, she then joked: “Having a Ron Burgundy moment there!” before carrying on to deliver the morning’s headlines.

At the end of the bulletin, Tina outro’ed herself saying her name once again, to which Gary Davies – who was sitting in for host Zoe Ball – asked: “Are you sure?”

Explaining why she got confused, Tina said she was dealing with a “computer meltdown”.

“In my defence, I’ve not lost the plot. I was trying to fix a broken computer at the same time, which isn’t possible!” she said.

“I did get through it in the end, and I do know who I am… and the computer is still broken.”

The clip soon caught the attention of Tina’s former colleague, Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Greg James, whose show she used to read the news on.

He tweeted: “Oh my god. @TinaDaheley, thank you so much. BEAUTIFULLY styled out too. 10/10.”

The Radio 2 Breakfast Show (usually with Zoe Ball) airs weekdays from 6.30am.

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