Ranvir Singh Gets A Surprise As Her Son FaceTimes Her Live On Good Morning Britain

There was a surprise in store for Ranvir Singh during Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, when she briefly ducked off set to answer a video-call from her son live on air.

After a discussion between Ranvir, Adil Ray and Susanna Reid about the pressures working mothers can find themselves in, the host disclosed with a laugh: “My son is FaceTiming me when I’m on air!”

“Talk about busy women!” Susanna joked, with Ranvir declaring: “Sorry, I’m just going to have to answer, it’s my son. To see if everything’s OK at home!”

“You do that, make sure everything is alright,” Adil assured her, adding: “Breaking news! ‘Mum, where’s the peanut butter?’.”


Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britain

“I’m never off-duty,” Ranvir then said, while Adil and Susanna continued their planned introduction of what was still to come later in the show.

Following a break for the news and weather, Susanna began: “So, we have an update on Ranvir’s domestic arrangements. Is he alright?”

The former Strictly Come Dancing star then assured viewers: “Apparently I’ve got to look out for an email with a verification code for [the online video game] Brawl Stars. Which is apparently what he’s doing instead of his spellings, this morning.

“[This is] what happens when you’re a busy working mum! I feel like I’ve brought my entire domestic life into the studio this morning. I’ll do a bit of ironing next.” 


Ranvir in the GMB studio with Adil Ray and Susanna Reid

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