Revealed: Delta Variant Is Now Most Dominant In The UK

Cases of Covid-19 caused by the Delta variant, which first originated in India, have risen by 5,472 since last week to 12,431.

Public Health England (PHE) suggests the variant has now overtaken the Alpha variant, which first originated in Kent, as the most dominant variant in the UK.

Last week, health secretary Matt Hancock said that up to three-quarters of new coronavirus cases in the UK were the Delta variant, when 6,959 cases were confirmed.

People walk through Covent Garden in central London on June 3, 2021.

What is the Delta variant?

There are a few variants that originated in India circulating, but one is causing more worry than others.

The strain – B1617.2 (or the Delta variant) – is one of three related variants that have been detected in the UK. The others are B1617.1 and B1617.3.

There were originally four variants of concern (VOCs) in England – the so-called Kent, South Africa, Brazil and Bristol variants.

All three variants from India were originally designated as variants under investigation, however Public Health England (PHE) confirmed B1617.2 had become the fifth variant of concern as of May 7 due to rising cases.

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