Rita Ora And Her ‘Dusty Apple’ Just Served Up A Piece Of Breakfast TV Gold

Rita Ora served up some hilarity as part of The Big Breakfast during a memorable appearance on the revived Channel 4 series on Saturday.

The singer and her “dusty apple” joined in the fun via video link from the US as Mo Gilligan and AJ Odudu fronted a new run of the classic 90s morning show.

There was some confusion during her interview, however, when Rita was distracted by something in her fruit bowl.

Picking up a piece of fruit and holding it to the camera, Rita said: “Look at this dusty apple! Can you see it?

“I don’t even think it’s an apple. I think it’s like a shrivelled pear,” she speculated.

“Rita, I’m sorry to break it to you,” AJ interjected, “but that’s a peach, not an apple.”

Laughter erupted in the studio, as Rita could then be seen looking rather confused down the line.

“Is it?!” she said. “Do you know what, it’s 3am guys, give me a break!”

Needless to say the hilarious moment didn’t go unnoticed online…

The Big Breakfast airs Saturday at 10am on Channel 4.

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