Rod Liddle to Record News UK Diversity Course

Rod Liddle to Record News UK Diversity Course

Top Sun, Times and TalkRadio figures have been privately venting their fury over Guido’s revelations yesterday that the whole Murdoch News UK family is to be forced onto compulsory diversity and inclusion training and forced to sign up to new equality objectives. Rod Liddle’s even promised to record his participation…

Murdoch hacks will be even more miffed off to learn that during the leaked Zoom call it was stated News UK’s diversity push will only apply to the “wider leadership” – in corporate terms, “Exec-2″. In other words, the company’s actual top executives like Rebekah Brooks will be exempt from the forced diversity attempts. It’s also not gone unnoticed that News UK’s private school dominance is massively more disproportionate than its racial disparities with wider society – yet no grand initiatives have been started on that…

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