RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s ‘Most Iconic Guest Judge’ Ever Wasn’t Quite What Fans Expected

Viewers already knew this week’s episode would have an EastEnders-themed challenge, so many speculated that one of the soap’s veteran performers like June Brown, Letitia Dean or Pam St Clement could be putting in an appearance.

However, it was not to be.

The “BeastEnders” episode finally debuted on Thursday night, with the guest judge turning out to be… a mannequin previously used as a prop during the challenge.

Seemingly inspired by Danny Dyer’s soap character, “Mickaayyyy” sat on the panel next to Graham Norton, and even managed to offer some critiques on the queen’s performances in a thick East End accent.

And obviously, fans had a lot to say about the big reveal…

In the show’s defence, there’s no denying that we won’t be forgetting “Mickaayyyy” in a hurry…

This week’s episode saw Bimini Bon Boulash scooping their fourth win of the series, putting them in good stead for next week’s final.

Ellie Diamond and Tayce ended up lip syncing for their lives following their performances as Thot Bottom and Karen Bitchell in BeastEnders.

However, RuPaul ultimately opted to save them both after their energetic routine to Steps’ Last Thing On My Mind.

Bimini, Ellie and Tayce will go up against fellow competitor Lawrence Chaney in the Drag Race UK series two final, which debuts on BBC Three at 7pm on Thursday 18 March.

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