Sacha Baron Cohen Confronts Some Of His Comedy Creations In MTV Movie Awards Speech

Sacha Baron Cohen came face to face with some of his most famous comedy creations after receiving a prize at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

During Sunday night’s awards ceremony, Sacha was given the Comedic Genius Award following the success of the Borat sequel, which was released last year.

In a specially-recorded video, Sacha was seen accepting the accolade in character as Borat, who was then interrupted by Ali G.

“Easy now, me should be accepting this award, not you,” Ali G told Borat, using special effects so the two characters could appear in the same room. “I is the original gangster, the OJ.”

Sacha then entered as himself, and when Ali G revived one of his old catchphrases (“is it ’cos I is Black?”), the comedian declared: “You’re not Black. You’re a white suburban kid who is co-opting Black culture.”


Sacha Baron Cohen confronts Ali G and Borat

After getting partway through his acceptance speech, Sacha was then interrupted by another of his creations, this time the title character from his controversial film Brüno.

After making an offensive joke about BTS in character as Brüno, Sacha then declared: “You know what? Before anyone else does it, I am officially cancelling myself.

“I was actually really looking forward to this after losing at the Oscars. You can fucking keep it. You’re a caricature.”

The clip then ended with Sacha entering as his character from The Dictator, after which the video came to an abrupt end. 

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Sacha Baron Cohen in Sydney on Oscars night

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