Second Coming of Imperial’s Bonking Boffin

Second Coming of Imperial’s Bonking Boffin

Guido readers will fondly remember the story of top government boffin Neil Ferguson, who dramatically resigned in March after it was revealed the top SAGE brain behind the country’s lockdown had broken his own rules to meet with his secret lover. At the time the Government emphatically told the press Ferguson had resigned from “all” government roles, including NERVTAG, a sub-committee of SAGE focusing on new and emerging virus threats:

“NERVTAG is part of Sage, so the answer is no, Professor Ferguson will no longer attend, participate or contribute to SAGE meetings”

Delayed minutes from NERVTAG of a meeting on the 18th December, released in the last few hours, however, show Ferguson has in fact continued to serve on the committee.

This continued work for the Government at a critical time must be putting a heavy strain on both Neil’s relationships…

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