Should England’s Lockdown Really End In June?

June 21 isn’t just the longest day of the year. In 2021, it could mark an even more momentous occasion: the day England’s lockdown lifts completely.

This would mean all limits on social contact are removed and any venues that have had to remain shut could reopen – nightclubs, we’re looking at you. Restrictions would also be expected to be eased on mass gatherings, meaning festivals and gigs could go ahead, as well as larger weddings.

As the date looms closer, it seems like the world of politics and health aren’t quite aligned on whether this final easing of restrictions is the best course of action with a new – and seemingly more contagious – variant on the cards.

So, is lifting lockdown fully on June 21 the right call? To get to an answer, we’ve got to take into account the new variants, vaccinations, and more. Here’s what the experts say.

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