Someone Calculated How Much You’d Be Paid For All The Unpaid Labour You Do As A Parent

Today in fun and slightly depressing news, someone decided to figure out how many hours of unpaid labour parents rack up each year – and then they put a number on how much they’d earn if this was a paid job.

Digital wealth manager Moneyfarm looked at all the unpaid household chores parents take on such as taxi driver, cleaner, nanny and personal assistant (to name a few).

They asked how long parents spend on each task, and used hourly averages to calculate how much they should hypothetically be earning for it.

The study found the average parent clocks up over 100 hours a week juggling household tasks and jobs from cooking and cleaning to ferrying children around and helping with homework. Not surprising, really.

If combined into one role and placed on a job site, it would command a total salary of £70,768 a year.

So over the course of 18 years (although let’s face it, the unpaid labour goes on way beyond that) you’d basically be a millionaire – earning £1,273,824.

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