Spain Is Introducing Three Days Period Leave A Month. Should We?

Spain is on its way to becoming the first European country to offer paid menstrual leave, up to three days per month.

The move, set to be introduced from next week after Spain’s next cabinet meeting, also welcomes workers to take time off for other reproductive health reasons, such as abortions.

The Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, Ángela Rodríguez, announced a range of measures set to offer women and girls better provisions.

The reform also includes free period products to students in school.

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“The rights related to menstrual health have never been discussed and the data is chilling,” Rodríguez told a Spanish news website.

“One in four women cannot choose the feminine hygiene products she wants to buy for financial reasons. That is why we propose that they can be dispensed free of charge in educational and social centres.”

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