Staff Rapped For Sneaking Pals Into Parliament After Pub Sessions

Staff working in parliament have been stripped of their security passes after sneaking friends onto the estate following drinking sessions at a nearby pub, HuffPost UK has learned.

They are among a number of people sanctioned by parliamentary authorities amid concerns about drunken behaviour by pass-holders.

In a major security breach, it is understood that some have used their pass to buzz their friends into Parliament after drinking at the neighbouring Red Lion.

The popular establishment is the closest pub to parliament that is not on the estate and is frequented by MPs, staffers and journalists alike.

Those who do not hold parliamentary passes can also hobnob with Westminster insiders there.

It comes after the speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, raised concerns about parliament’s drinking culture.

He has reportedly launched a fresh crackdown on boozing in parliament following a number of incidents.

They include reports that senior politicians and staff have had to be escorted from the estate after excessive alcohol consumption and a lobby journalist being stripped of their pass following reports about their raucous behaviour.

Guidance has also been sent to MPs and their staff warning them not to drunkenly fall asleep in their offices overnight after missing their train home, according to the Sunday Times.

The House of Commons authorities declined to comment on security matters when asked about the allegations by HuffPost UK.

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