Starmer’s PM-in-Waiting Polling Plummets

Starmer’s PM-in-Waiting Polling Plummets

While the Corbyn era’s soft-left adage that ‘any other leader would be 20 points ahead right now’ hasn’t come true, since becoming leaders Starmer’s small pool of social media supporters have always clung onto the fact the public do, at least, believe he looks like a Prime Minister in waiting. Something Corbyn couldn’t manage…

Bad news for Labour, then, as this week YouGov recorded a massive fall in General Indecision’s rankings on the Prime Ministerial question; from net positive ratings of around 4% to a net negative rating of -12% in just a month – a swing of 7.5% against him among the general public. It seems Starmer’s former campaign manager Jenny Chapman is far from the only person losing faith in Sir Keir’s ability to be the next PM…

Hat-tip: Stats for Lefties

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