Students Can Now Claim Covid Compensation. Here’s How

Studying at a university in the UK will set you back around £9,250 a year – and up to £39,475 for International students. These tuition fees don’t factor in other costs, like accommodation, living, travel, and studying materials.

So it’s no surprise that, during the coronavirus pandemic, students haven’t been best pleased with how much they’re paying, considering many have switched to online teaching. Lectures have gone digital, and many hands-on practical components of people’s courses have been paused during lockdown.

Anna Jones, 20, a Cardiff university student, says it’s been even trickier for those who aren’t able to work part-time. “Most students live off their loans, but many need jobs on top to keep themselves going,” she tells HuffPost UK. “Coronavirus has meant part-time work in pubs, cafés, shops and restaurants where students usually work are non-existent because they’re all closed, leaving students jobless and hopeless.”

On top of her studies Jones is a self-employed nail technician, but the studio where she works has been closed. “We can’t go to work, can’t go to university, or even go to the student’s union for a drink to meet new friends, but we’re still expected to pay rent and full whack on tuition fees. Surely, this isn’t fair?”

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