The 19 Biggest Home Organising Mistakes People Make

Home organisation has really had a moment in recent years. And even after the world was introduced to Marie Kondo, the extra time we’ve all spent at home during the Covid-19 pandemic has further underscored the value of tidying up.

“Many people suffer with disorganisation for a long time before making changes,” Lisa Zaslow, a professional organiser at Gotham Organizers, told HuffPost. “It’s worth it to fix all the ‘little’ problems that annoy you every day – the kitchen drawer where you can’t easily find a can opener, the closet rod that’s so stuffed with clothes you need a crow bar to remove a jacket, the flimsy hangers that your clothes keep falling off. Taking the time to conquer your organisation problems will improve your quality of life.”

But tackling a cluttered home and creating systems that work for you and your family can be very challenging. Inevitably, many folks commit organising faux pas along the way. To help those who aspire to keep a tidy space, we asked experts to share the biggest mistakes they see people make with home organising. Read on for 19 approaches to avoid (and their advice for getting it right).

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