The Covid Christmas Traditions We’d Quite Like To Keep, Actually

For many of us, Christmas 2020 was pretty challenging. Just days before Christmas (and despite government assurances to the contrary), fresh Covid-19 restrictions were enforced, meaning holiday plans were scrapped or changed at the eleventh hour.

Families weren’t able to gather en masse and we couldn’t meet up with our friends on New Year’s Eve as we normally would. Fridges were either full to bursting with more food than there were guests or empty because we hadn’t planned to be home. Covid cases were high and tensions were rising.

However, for some people, the change in plans actually led to a simpler and more chilled out Christmas. Not everyone sees December 25 itself as a big celebration. Some would rather spend it with a smaller group of people, rather than having everyone over or travelling for hours to be away from home.

And the restrictions allowed them to do that. Additionally, it forced people to create new traditions, some of which we’d actually rather like to keep for this Christmas, whatever shape it takes. Here, readers share a few takeaways.

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