The Factors That Put Pregnant Women At Risk Of Severe Covid

Pregnant women are at increased risk of severe Covid-19 if they are from ethnic minority backgrounds, or if they have pre-existing conditions like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, a global study has found.

Up until now, those who are pregnant have been listed as ‘clinically vulnerable’ by the NHS, but the extent of this risk was not fully known.

The NHS website states: “There’s no evidence if you’re pregnant you’re more likely to get seriously ill from coronavirus, but pregnant women are in the moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) group as a precaution.” This is because pregnant people are typically deemed more at risk from viruses such as flu.

But new research led by the University of Birmingham and the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests the risk of pregnant women being admitted to intensive care or needing ventilation is higher than non-pregnant reproductive-aged women with the virus.

The risk of pregnant women being admitted to intensive care still remains low at around one in every 5,000 pregnant women, Dr Edward Morris, president of the Royal College Obstetricians of Gynaecologists (RCOG), tells HuffPost UK.

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