The Goop Christmas Gift Guide Is As Mad As You’d Think It Would Be

Christmas ’tis truly the season of giving. And what better way to tell someone you love them than by gifting them a $28,500 sex chair, a $75 bag of compost or a $3,495 Backgammon set?

Yup, you’ve got it, Goop have released their Holiday Gift Guide and it’s just as breathtaking as you’d expect.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness company has had no shortage of… interesting concepts over the years, after all, who can forget those vagina candles.

Packed full of completely over-the-top ideas and concepts of what you can gift your loved ones this year (if you are a millionaire, apparently), this year’s gift guide has been pulled together by Goop’s team of buyers and editors, who the website notes spend the “bulk of the year researching, prepping, and tracking presents that elicit joy and wonder.”

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Paltrow et al have split the 2022 Goop Holiday Guide up into ten sections, from gifts for cooks, kids and travellers in your life, to a pretty extravagant NSFW present grouping. As always, the highlight of the guide comes in the shape of the ‘ridiculous but awesome’ section.

Why not just drop $8,099 on a two-person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna? Or how about $28,500 on a Tufted Boudoir Chaise? And in case you were wondering, yes, that’s a fancy way of saying sex chair.

Granted, the whole guide should probably be filed under ‘ridiculous but awesome’, the under $100 section also comes with a mix of bizarre gifting options.

Because, of course, a $56 pair of pants with your horoscope stitched into them will make the perfect ‘cheap’ stocking filler – or maybe a set of Kama Sutra Dinner Napkins for $88?

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