The Masked Singer US Keeps The Surprises Coming As A British Punk Pioneer Is Unmasked

Now into its sixth season, the American reality show proved it’s not done with its shock signings just yet, after unmasking a UK punk pioneer during Wednesday night’s episode.

During the latest instalment of Masked Singer US, the judges sent Jester home, who quickly took off his costume to reveal none other than former Sex Pistols star John Lydon.

The musician – otherwise known as Johnny Rotten – said: “It was the oddest thing in the world to ask me onto a show like this. But the way I am and my nature is I like challenges.

“This was a challenge to see if I could somehow piledrive through this with proper, proper dignity. I hope that’s what I achieved and I’ll leave that up to you boys and girls.”

Stars to have been unmasked this season so far include singer Toni Braxton, rapper Tyga and Natasha Bedingfield, whose identity was also revealed during Wednesday’s episode.

Of course, The Masked Singer isn’t John’s first foray into reality TV, though.

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