The New ‘Right To Repair’ Law That Could Save You Serious Cash

Tougher rules are being introduced to make appliances such as fridges, washing machines and TVs cheaper to run and last longer, the government said.

New legislation aims to tackle “premature obsolescence” in electrical goods – short lifespans built into appliances by manufacturers so customers have to buy new ones sooner – and make them more energy efficient. Ministers confirmed that from the summer, consumers will have a ‘right to repair’ on goods they buy.

The rules include a legal requirement on manufacturers to make spare parts available to consumers, which aims to extend the lifespan of products by up to 10 years, and cut carbon emissions from the manufacture of new goods.

The measures, which apply to white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers and fridges, as well as items such as TVs, aim to reduce the 1.5 million tonnes of electrical waste the UK generates a year.

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