The Poignant Stories Behind These Colourful Murals

London is famous for its art galleries and museums – but take to the streets, and you’ll see art is all around.

Over the years, councils have valued street art as a way to embellish what were once more deprived areas. And London-based arts organisation Wood Street Walls has played a huge part in this – engaging younger generations to brighten up the city, one wall (or steps and basketball court) at a time.

In the past five years alone, they’ve helped create hundreds of murals in east London, treating the city as their canvas to highlight key issues, express their views and encourage creativity. Their aim is to brighten up neighbourhoods, while honouring the context of the local area. “We use public art as a way to engage with the community,” founder Mark Clack tells HuffPost UK.

“We look into how we can involve the local community and make use of the connections to tell a story of the people who make up society today, looking at the history, culture, and the hidden heroes that people don’t really know about.”

Not only is the artwork stunning, many have poignant stories behind them, too. Here, we learn the meaning behind some of the murals around London, which were painted by homegrown local and established talent.

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