The Queer Clan Curiously Missing From Channel 4’s It’s A Sin

“You have to get all this right, you have to!” says model and musician Roy Brown when I ask about clones – the queer subculture so prominent in the 1970s and 80s, but oddly missing from Channel 4 mega hit, It’s A Sin.

Clones were such a fixture of the club and bar scene of the period that artist Mark Wardel – who was also partying at the time – reckons “maybe 90% of the people in Heaven nightclub around 1979/1980 had that clone look.”

The fact they are largely absent from It’s A Sin’s many party scenes has not gone unnoticed by older viewers of the Russell T Davies show.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of friends who were around on that scene at the time and pretty much everybody said: ‘where were all the clones in this programme?’” Wardel tells HuffPost UK.

“It was a jarring note for people who were around. We didn’t recognise it as a scene we knew,” he says of the nightlife beyond the gang’s Pink Palace.

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