‘The World’s Smallest Pub’ Delivers Beers – And Cheers! – To Locals

The “world’s smallest pub”, strapped to the back of a bike, is here – ridden by a woman wearing a red cape, yellow trainers and a beret. Because, why not?

Jennifer Left, 36, is the proud landlady of Hand in Hand, an (actual) local pub located just off the seafront in Brighton. And while the full-sized pub’s doors are closed, she’s created an exact replica, to bring beer – and cheer! – to locals.

The largest order she’s delivered included 40 cans, which pushed the bike (and her stamina) to the limit. Her longest was an 11-mile roundtrip, after a woman in Hong Kong emailed to request a delivery for her sister in Portslade Village.

The tiny pub on the back of the bike is instantly recognisable to those who know the original, and was made by two of the pub’s regular staff members, Jess and Joel, who both have experience in sculpting and carpentry.

“They just whipped it up for me!” says Left. “They built the frame for the trailer, clad it and painted it and everything, matching the colours as best we could.”

To add more likeness, Left ordered parts from a doll’s house company, including mini roof tiles and a cat, to sit in the window and mirror her own. “I’m quite a creative person anyway, so it’s been an excellent outlet for that,” she says.

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