There’s A Binman Shortage. Now Mums Are Being Asked To Apply

It’s always ‘binmen’ isn’t it? And never ‘binwoman’ or ‘bin person’?

Well, the rubbish industry is hoping that will change. With a 15% vacancy rate in waste and refuge departments, the sector is calling on mums and veterans to plug the gap and help ensure everyone’s rubbish is picked up on time.

One of the largest refuse collection companies in the country, Veolia UK, is specifically encouraging women and older people to join them as refuse lorry drivers to break the “binman” gender stereotype.

In the past year, Veolia has seen the the number of unfilled driver jobs increase by 40%. Post-Brexit, immigration, the pandemic and an increased demand for deliveries has seen a shortage of HGV drivers, which has caused major disruption to refuse collection.

The shortage of drivers may explain why it’s taken a while for your rubbish to be collected.

Fancy giving it a go and doing the job yourself?

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