There’s A Reason Some People Are Struggling To Self-Isolate For Covid

“It was not an easy decision,” says James Smith, 40, a catering manager from Nottingham.

“I did keep my distance the whole time. I actually sat in the field for about an hour just thinking and people watching. And for an hour there was no mental issue, no worry or anxiety. I think taking that risk really made a difference.”

Smith’s mum and stepdad had recently caught Covid-19 – and he’d been in contact with them. Following government guidelines, he ordered a test and was self-isolating till he heard back. But given his own history with mental health, he decided that going out for a walk was, on balance, the right thing to do.

“Knowing that both parents had Covid mentally drained me,” he tells HuffPost UK. “My sister, a single parent to a three-year-old, was in the same situation. My test was negative. But I broke the rule of self isolating until I got my results.”

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