These Are The Issues Introverts Bring Up Most In Therapy. Sound Familiar?

As someone who spends a lot of time alone, I’d call myself an introvert. Not only do I enjoy my own company, but also I need that time alone to recharge myself even if it was just from a tiny social interaction. Extroverts, on the other hand, get energised by being around people and receiving lots of stimulation.

With that said, sometimes society isn’t made to fit the needs of introverts, and it can be difficult to socialise and communicate. That’s where therapy comes in handy: it can help you navigate these situations and assist you in exploring your own inner life, making you more comfortable with your quieter nature and your needs that come with it.

Below, we asked therapists to share the most common topics introverts frequently bring up in therapy and why they usually come up. If you relate, you’re not alone.

Finding space to recharge their social battery

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Everyone needs a bit of alone time every now and then. However, some need it more than others – and it can be hard to achieve that when loved ones may not understand how important it is or if you don’t have the physical space to just be isolated.

Many introverts may feel drained after socialising with friends, and it’s important for them to create space to recharge. This can be difficult if they live with a partner or roommate,” says Kristen Casey, a telehealth clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist. “In therapy, we usually discuss how to communicate their needs effectively to ensure their friends or family understand that the creation of space from others is not personal.”

There are a variety of concerns a therapist can help you work through as an introvert.

Kristen Gingrich, a therapist and certified alcohol and drug counsellor, says that she usually tells her clients to go into a bathroom for five to seven minutes to ground themselves and recoup since it’s the place where you’re least likely to be bothered.

Setting boundaries with friends and loved ones

Many people find it difficult to set boundaries, but it can be even harder for introverts to speak up for themselves and communicate their needs.

“A lot of times, introverts talk about how they struggle to set boundaries because it can require more extroverted energy than they are comfortable with,” Gingrich says.

She adds that when an introverted client is struggling with this, they may discuss ways to set boundaries that are clear and to the point, as sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the discussion aspect as opposed to actually setting them.

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