This Artist Is Painting Portraits Of 118 Women Killed By Men In A Year

When Jess Phillips read out a list of 118 women killed by men in the past year in the House of Commons, artist Henny Beaumont only recognised one name: Sarah Everard.

Like women across the country, Beaumont felt deeply moved by Everard’s story, but was “shocked and saddened” to realise there were many victims she didn’t know on the list, which was read out during the International Women’s Day debate in March.

Beaumont then listened to Mina Smallman talk about how little public outrage there had been over the murders of her two Black daughters – Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46 – in June 2020.

“I decided to do what I could to try and redress this imbalance,” Beaumont tells HuffPost UK, “to remember and honour the memory of all these murdered women.”

Beaumont committed to painting a portrait of each of the women on the list read out by Phillips. She hopes her project, Disappearing Women, will “put faces to the names, to show others these are real people who lost their lives”.

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