This Craft Blogger Has Ideas For All Those Jeans We’re Not Wearing

Claire Armstrong loves to upcycle. She enjoys the buzz of transforming the old into something fresh and exciting – or working with what others consider “rubbish” and repurposing it into something beautiful again.

The 52-year-old, who lives in Bedford, but was born and raised in Hong Kong, says the environmental benefits are a bonus, reducing waste to landfills and avoiding the unnecessary manufacturing of new goods. “Surely, it’s much better to upcycle something that already exists than to buy new?” she says.

Her favourite item to upcycle is denimc. “I love all the different shades of indigo,” she tells me. “It’s a robust fabric that can be stitched, glued, woven and, in some cases, crocheted.” It’s not just the material, though – there are loads of interesting elements to a pair of jeans that can add something to a craft and project, she says – such as the seams, pockets and waistbands.

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