This Insta Post About The 10 Types Of NCT Mum Is Hilariously Relatable

Mums are in hysterics over an Instagram post about the 10 types of NCT mum.

The post, shared by The Mum Club, charts the various types of mother you might find in your NCT group, from late mum (who’s living in a constant state of lateness and all-round chaos) to competitive mum (while your birth took six hours, hers took six minutes) and nice mum (who actually happens to like her husband).

One parent commented on the post: “I know them all but also feel like I’m a little bit of them all, apart from the one with all the money.”

Another added: “This is excellent, made me laugh out loud hiding under my duvet while my husband is sleeping! Hilarious!”

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Lauren Webber and Jessica Lawes are the founders of The Mum Club, which hosts local events for mums. They tell HuffPost UK the Insta post, which has over 1,700 likes, “is there to show mums that we’re all a bit of everything”.

It’s also – let’s face it – a bit of comic relief for women to share with their mum mates on Whatsapp when their little one’s having a nap and they’re drinking a cold coffee made three hours ago.

“We wanted our mums to read it and go ‘oh god yeah, I’m the late mum and the Wikipedia mum’,” they said.

“Motherhood is messy as f*ck and we think that’s why so many people resonate with our content because we are brutally honest about that. We are that friend who says exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it.”

The pair want to help mums feel less alone in their struggles. “You are expected to have your shit together all the time and that just isn’t the case,” they said. “That’s why we strive to make The Mum Club a place where you know you aren’t alone.

“It’s ok to drop all the balls and laugh – or cry – about it.”

Anyway, here are the 10 types of mum you’ll meet in your NCT group. Which one are you?

Wikipedia Mum

No need for a GP appointment when you have a direct line to this expert diagnostician, with an MD in paediatrics from good old Dr Google. There’s not a rash, gash or bash that she hasn’t seen before, which you find reassuring given everyone else seems to think the slightest red spot is a sure sign of meningitis (‘DOES IT DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU PRESS A GLASS AGAINST IT?!’). Despite her highly suspect credentials, you find yourself sending her pictures of your child’s unusually luminous excrement, just in case.

Honest Mum

Think Sharon in Catastrophe, Julia in Motherland. Honest Mum arrives with three bottles of wine and a much-needed dose of unflinching honesty. Whatever parenting disaster you’ve recently suffered, she’s done much worse, and she’ll happily share in a charitable act of self-deprecation that never fails to make you feel better.

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