This Is Officially The Cheapest Supermarket To Buy Christmas Dinner From In 2022

With the cost of living crisis in full swing and with no sign of it slowing down, many of us will be thinking about how to save on Christmas dinner this festive period.

Fortunately, the consumer watchdog Which? has done the hard work for us and looked at the cheapest supermarket to buy your Christmas dinner from this year.

The team have crunched the numbers, to find out how much 10 popular Yuletide foods cost at five of the biggest UK supermarkets – and you might be surprised by who has come out on top with the cheapest dinner.

Which? analysed the prices of 10 popular Christmas table items – including a frozen medium turkey crown and sides of sprouts, potatoes, parsnips, red cabbage, carrots, cranberry sauce, stuffing and a Christmas pudding – between November 26-28.

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Out of the ‘big five’ supermarkets, Asda bagged the cheapest supermarket spot with a festive feast of 10 popular Christmas foods costing just £30.72.

Meanwhile Tesco came in second as the next-cheapest supermarket (£32.07).

Waitrose was the most expensive supermarket in the analysis at a less-than-merry £43, making it £12.28 more expensive than Asda for the same basket of items. Here’s the full list here:

  • Asda £30.72
  • Tesco £32.07
  • Sainsbury’s £35.57
  • Morrisons £37.21
  • Waitrose £43

But what about Lidl and Aldi, you may ask?

As Aldi and Lidl don’t stock quite the same range of items as other supermarkets, Which? didn’t include them in the full Christmas dinner analysis.

But in a smaller festive basket, they compared the prices of seven Christmas table favourites, including turkey, potatoes, parsnips and sprouts.

Aldi was the cheapest for their stocking-full of groceries at £22.30. It was neck and neck with rival Lidl, who came in just 14p more expensive on the same festive items.

When it comes to your centre-piece for the big day, Aldi and Lidl are the cheapest supermarkets for a frozen turkey crown this Christmas, costing £15.49 at both discounters. Asda is the cheapest of the bigger supermarkets at £16.50.

At Waitrose the equivalent turkey is nearly an eye-watering £10 more expensive than at Aldi and Lidl at £25.

Reena Sewraz, Which? Retail Editor, said: “Soaring inflation will be a worry to many households celebrating Christmas this year and our price analysis shows a turkey crown could cost 26 per cent more than last year depending on where you shop.

“The good news is you can still save a packet on your festive lunch and we’ve found Aldi, Lidl and Asda all offer good value for your roast turkey and sprouts.”

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