This Is Where You (Probably) Will And Won’t Need A Vaccine Passpot

Will you have to prove you’ve had the coronavirus vaccine before getting on a plane in the future? How about going to the pub? Or staying in a UK hotel?

These are all questions Brits might have as more and more countries announce plans to introduce vaccine passports, with speculation they could be used to open up domestic leisure activities, as well as international travel.

Michael Gove is currently leading a review into the possible use of such passports in the UK. It follows ethical concerns about the system, particularly as pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions are advised against having the jab.

The findings of Gove’s review may not be available until stage four of the lockdown easing, as we approach June 21. Yet in the meantime, some countries have already announced they’ll require proof of vaccination when lockdown lifts – as well as certain companies, too.

So, what do we know so far about the passports, and where are they likely to be introduced in the UK?

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