This, Unsurprisingly, Is The Loneliest Place To Work In The UK

London has a reputation for being an unfriendly city, but in a new survey of UK employees, it’s been identified as the loneliest place to work in the country.

The survey, by events company Wildgoose, quizzed staff from 1,052 companies across the UK about their work wellbeing – in particular whether they had close friendships at work.

Nearly three in five of those surveyed said having a ‘work best friend’ made their job more enjoyable, but almost half (47%) of workers in London said they didn’t actually have one – twice the percentage of respondents in Scotland who said the same. That’s despite nearly a fifth of London workers admitting to actively seeking out friends in the workplace.

Perhaps predictably, our overall sense of loneliness has only grown with remote working during the pandemic, as after-work drinks have morphed into awkward Zoom calls – inevitably making it harder to socialise with our colleagues.

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