This Woman ‘Cooks’ Her Underwear. We Found Out Why

Remember when tie-dye was all the rage? Many of us got to work in the bathtub, waiting eagerly for those beautiful patterns to show. But it’s unlikely we tried the trick on our underwear.

Not Adley Kinsman, though. The content creator from Nashville, who creates scripted and unscripted reality TV for the internet, has her own version of the DIY hack.

Kinsman cooks her undergarments to give them some colour. Recently on her social media channels, she showed herself boiling her smalls (not dirty ones, don’t worry), adding food colouring to give them a tie-dye effect. She’s also tried it on a bra, setting it on the grill and adding red wine to it for a pink hue.

We know Carrie Bradshaw kept her jumpers in the oven as a storage solution, but this is taking things to another level.

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