TV Psychic Landed With £100,000 Legal Bill After Claiming Car Accident Left Him Unable To Perform Readings

A TV psychic has been left to pay a £100,000 legal bill after claiming that a car accident had left him unable to complete his readings as usual.

Maurice Amdur – whose television credits include appearances on This Morning and Entertainment Tonight – sought £250,000 in damages from the insurers of a driver who hit him at a roundabout near Marble Arch in 2015.

At the time, Amdur claimed the pain from the accident was so bad he was unable to concentrate long enough to perform psychic readings.

He also said that the accident had caused him issues sexually, leading to the demise of his relationship.

YouTube/Maurice’s Psychic World

Maurice Amdur as seen in a video on the YouTube channel Maurice’s Psychic World

Amdur’s case has now been thrown out, after he lied about not being able to give psychic readings for two years after the accident.

Although he claimed his injuries deprived him of the ”mental sharpness and ability to concentrate sufficiently to do a good job”, it has emerged that he did, in fact, perform readings between 2015 and 2017.

Judge Elizabeth Backhouse said (via Metro): “I am prepared to accept that Mr Amdur does believe that he has a ‘gift’ and that he considers that he behaves with integrity when working as a clairvoyant, unlike others in the field who are ‘charlatans’ as he called them.

“It does seem to be the case that Mr Amdur has had the TV exposure he claims and he appears to have enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle, judging by his assets. He considers that he was on the cusp of a major upturn in his career as he had a number of opportunities for TV work at the time of the accident and in the months after it but he was not well enough to take those up.”


Amdur was previously interviewed by Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton on This Morning

She continued: “I am prepared to accept that he may not have felt well enough to do as many as usual or to work to normal capacity, but I am satisfied that he did some readings.

“Clearly he must have known that he did that work and I find that in this respect he has been dishonest.”

Because of this, Admur has been forced to pay the legal costs for the trial, which is expected to surpass £100,000.

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