UK And EU Signal End To So-Called Vaccine War

The UK and EU have signalled that their so-called “vaccine war” is coming to an end.

In a joint statement, the government and European Commission said they were working on creating a “win-win situation” for vaccine supply on both sides of the English Channel.

It appeared to bring an end to Brussels’ threats to ban exports of vaccines from the EU to the UK, ahead of a European leaders’ summit on Thursday.

The joint statement said: “We are all facing the same pandemic and the third wave makes cooperation between the EU and UK even more important.

“We have been discussing what more we can do to ensure a reciprocally beneficial relationship between the UK and EU on Covid-19.

“Given our interdependencies, we are working on specific steps we can take – in the short-, medium- and long term – to create a win-win situation and expand vaccine supply for all our citizens.

“In the end, openness and global cooperation of all countries will be key to finally overcome this pandemic and ensure better preparation for meeting future challenges.

“We will continue our discussions.”

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