UK-Canada Trade Deal Progress Defies Gloomsters

UK-Canada Trade Deal Progress Defies Gloomsters

A week ago, Remainers were performatively gleeful over reports from the Independent and others that Justin Trudeau had poured cold water over a UK-Canada trade deal ahead of December 31st, suggesting “London doesn’t have “the bandwidth” to get it done on time.” They’ll be crestfallen, therefore, to read the news on Bloomberg today that the UK and Canada are, in fact, on the “brink of signing a new trade agreement to replace the existing deal Britain has through European Union membership.” Remainers may have preferred the gloomy news – unfortunately it just wasn’t true-deau…

Steve Baker raised the good news during questions in the Commons this morning, in which Liz Truss said she hopes that “in the future, as Canada is a member of the TPP… we will be able to go much further, and build a much deeper relationship with Canada” than the EU has. More project fear claims falling away…

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