Van Tam’s Metaphor Top Hits

Van Tam’s Metaphor Top Hits

The Government’s scientific superstar Jonathan Van Tam has been darting from studio to studio this morning in an expert-led drive to convince people of the safety and efficacy of the first approved Covid vaccine. Guido hears we will be seeing lots of JVT and Whitty this festive period, and less of Vallance and Harries. Oh how the mighty fall…

Famous for his virus metaphors – which this morning he revealed are studiously tested out on Mrs Van Tam before making it to air – the BBC took the trouble of providing us with a compilation of JVT’s top hits:

Last week Guido revealed that the army has internally re-named vaccine delivery day from V-Day to D-Day. It’s surely now only a matter of time before we start calling it JVT-Day…

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