Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Go-To Comfort Food And Well, It Sounds Anything But

Victoria Beckham might have been known as Posh Spice, but when it comes to food, her tastes are anything but.

The former Spice Girl has revealed what her go-to comfort food is and well, the only comforting thing about it is how easy it is to make.

It involves bread and salt. And that’s it.

Not even a slice of cheese, a tin of baked beans or a dollop of Marmite anywhere to be seen.

KARIM JAAFAR via Getty Images

Victoria Beckham

She told River Café’s Table 4 podcast: “This is where I sound even more boring in the food department.

“I like whole grain toast with salt on it. It’s that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted and I love salt.”

One word: Dry.

And things apparently don’t get much fancier when Victoria eats out, either.

“To most restaurants I’m probably their worst nightmare,” she said. “I love some steamed vegetables, some balsamic vinegar and then to season myself.

“I like things to be cooked in a very simple way. I don’t like oils or butters or sauces.”

She added: “Even Gordon Ramsay, a very good friend of ours, says he’s never seen anybody as disciplined about the way that they eat.”

Victoria insisted: “I’m not the most exciting eater but I do like to have a drink with my dinner and I can become a very good dinner guest.”

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