‘Wallpaper Was Especially Impressive’ TripAdvisor Reviewers Dub Downing Street ‘The Best (And Only) Party In London’

Downing Street has been torn apart on TripAdvisor as reviewers mocked the prime minister’s home for being “the best and only” place to have parties in London during lockdown.

The famous road is under more scrutiny than ever following Partygate.

As the country – and government – waits for top civil servant Sue Gray’s inquiry into all of the parties said to have taken place behind No.10 doors during various lockdowns, it doesn’t look like the public fury towards Boris Johnson is going anywhere.

Much like the Co-op on the Strand, where staff reportedly bought enough bottles of wine to fill up a suitcase and wheel it back to Downing Street, No.10 has now received a series of scathing and presumably fake reviews online.

One person wrote: “Lovely garden. Great for parties. Plenty [of] room in fridge for wine.”

Referencing the photo which was leaked to The Guardian, they added: “Only downside is the creepy guy on the balcony next door – looked like he was taking photos.”

Another reviewer gave the venue just one star out of five, calling it a “lively party venue” and especially valuable because “you can have a proper party during Covid lockdowns”.

Downing Street received some interesting reviews on TripAdvisor after the latest Partygate allegations

Another reviewer gave it five stars, writing: “Brilliant wines, cheese and nibbles.”

Referring to the “wine and cheese” joke used by former government aide Allegra Stratton when she was discussing holding a supposed Christmas party during lockdown, the same writer then touched on the so-called “Wallpaper-gate”.

This revolved around the confusion as to who financed the luxury refurbishment of the No.10 after allegations that the PM asked Tory donors to contribute.

“Great Christmas parties and the wallpapers was especially impressive, however, much of the furniture was chewed on by a dog, I believe they really need to sort that out,” they explained.

Another added: “The best (and only) party [in] London. A great spread of cheese and wine.”

The police were also mentioned, with one person nodding to the Met’s refusal to investigate the party allegations unless the Gray inquiry finds evidence of criminal activity.

They wrote: “Two nice bouncers on door dressed as policemen was cute and no admission charge, host was a bit of a buffoon with unkempt hair.

“All in all a great gig while everyone else was obeying lockdown rules.”

A different person – who echoed the prime minister’s claim that he only stayed at the party for “25 minutes” – dubbed the former health secretary Matt Hancock a “local legend” for making moves on the women at the party, in a nod to Hancock’s breach of the Covid rules last year.

And Johnson’s unfortunate CBI speech was mocked too, as the reviews continued: “Someone else said it wasn’t as good as Peppa Pig world and I’d agree but the fact they are always open regardless of national lockdowns etc is a big plus.

“Look, the party has to go on regardless if others want to stay indoors and do the right thing.”

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