Wardrobe Overflowing? Try This 3-Minute Fix

Sorting through the contents of an over-flowing wardrobe is a nightmare task that many of us put off indefinitely – but could you do it in just three minutes? Grace is about to try.

The 19-year-old, from Wakefield, admits she’s guilty of having a “serious case of bulging wardrobe” with clothes overflowing from her cupboards and spilling out onto the floor of her room.

Grace is ready to turn things around though, and with the help of spirit guide Russell Kane, she sets herself a seriously ambitious goal in the video above.
The premise is simple: Grace has one suitcase and all of the clothes she wants to keep need to fit in it. Everything left in her overflowing wardrobe will be taken to the charity shop… and she only has three minutes to make her decisions and get packing.

Grace completing the wardrobe challenge

The average household spends £500 per person on clothes every year. But despite these new purchases, many of us are unable to part with older clothes and sometimes we even leave new items to linger in the wardrobe with the tags still on. Grace is far from alone in needing to have a clear out.

“It’s a big burden I need to get on top of,” she admits, as Kane explains: “Complete this challenge and you will not only have more space but have broken a consuming habit.”

How will Grace get on? Watch the video above to find out.

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