Watch: Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers-Inspired Family Footy Fun Challenge

It might be back-to-school season but football fever is still in the air, and we’ve got the perfect way to enjoy it – which just happens to be fun for the whole family.

Finger football fun with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers

Gather round the kitchen table with your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers close to hand and play the Family Footy Shoot-Out – all you need are your fingers, a makeshift football and a goal. This is just one of the events in the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Games, where fingers big and small battle it out for the chance to be crowned the ultimate champion.

If you’re new to finger football, then don’t miss the video above, where ITV Lorraine’s Ria Hebden introduces us to the players, the Khan family. Meet granddad Nick, mum Chloe, dad Omar and daughters Sophia and Alyssa.

This finger-biting challenge is a bit of a laugh as Alyssa and her dad Omar compete against Sophia and mum Chloe. Grandad is the goalkeeper and the winner is the one who scores the most goals. Whistles at the ready…

Finger football fun with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers
Finger football fun with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers

You’ll have to watch the video to see who wins this old-fashioned penalty shoot-out… although really, everyone comes out on top. This is fun for kids of all ages and brings together siblings, parents and grandparents as they enjoy the simple pleasures that can be found at home together, like sharing that pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers.

Want to play at home? Of course you do:

If you don’t have a finger football set, no problem. Just roll up some tin foil or paper for your ball. If you’re super crafty, you can even make paper cutouts of people for your players. Just remember to leave two holes at the bottom for your fingers to slide through. Make it even more authentic by colouring the bottom of a cardboard box green – or using green construction paper – to recreate a grassy pitch, complete with cut-out rectangles for goals.

“You can even cut a goal out of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers box,” suggests Hebden.

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