WATCH: Crazed Woman Assaults Several Bystanders During 30-Minute Rampage in Manhattan – Onlookers Gasp in Horror as She Targets Mom and Little Baby | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

Credit: Fox News

A horrifying scene unfolded in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon when a mad woman assaulted several people during a violent rampage before police apprehended her.

Fox News obtained video showing the woman committing several vicious acts including dragging a woman by the hair, lunging at a mother and her little baby in a park, and knocking over sidewalk tables.

Here is a photo showing her dragging the innocent woman:

Credit: Fox News

The footage next shows the deranged lady trying to attack the mother and infant while onlookers gasp in horror.


According to FreedomNews.tv, which provided the video to Fox News, the entire incident lasted for 30 minutes before police finally arrived. They arrested the woman on East Ninth Street.

An male eyewitness can be heard calling out the mad woman and said she attacked about seven people in total.

You don’t go around beating up strange people in the street, like seven people. Pulling their hair, dragging them everywhere.

He then turns to officers and tells them to keep her off the streets.

The woman yells back “Nobody died b****h!”

NYPD told Fox News the incident occurred at approximately 4:20 PM and added something even more scary: the crazed woman was throwing glass in addition to various other objects.

It was reported that the female was approaching various individuals, was screaming and throwing glass and various objects. Officers and EMS responded, and the female was transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.

This is what happens when you have a so-called District Attorney who persecutes political opponents while letting violent loons roam the streets. Alvin Bragg spent months going after and eventually charging President Donald Trump for bogus crimes when he could have stopped violent criminals like this woman.

But that is not how Bragg rolls. Things will only get worse for ordinary New Yorkers.

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