Wera Hobhouse Bolsters 5G Conspiracy

Wera Hobhouse Bolsters 5G Conspiracy

A conspiratorial row about the baseless negative health effects of 5G masts proposed for erection in Bath has seen local LibDem MP Wera Hobhouse fan the flames of the tinfoil hat brigade. Local groups arguing to the council that the masts pose “a threat to health” have been bolstered by calls from Hobhouse for them to be listened to – despite, in the words of Digital Minister Matt Warman, there being “no credible scientific basis that 5G has an adverse impact on people’s health”. A year after trying to stop, Brexit Guido supposes she was desperate to find a new conspiracy cause to lose the plot over…

When confronted by the BBC, Wera claims she has finally conceded the masts are safe, however given “the widespread concern… [I] believe it may be worth applying a precautionary principle”. When Hobhouse says “widespread concern”, she means the total 300 objections from a city of 90,000 people…

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