What A Corker! 4 Hacks For Making Your Wine Last Longer

Spare us the faux outrage, sometimes you just don’t get around to polishing off the rest of your bottle of wine – and that’s totally fine.

Whether you live alone, are a complete lightweight, or struggle with drinking more than one glass (because, hangovers), it’s not unusual for some to have quarter-full bottles leftover. You might give the drinking a miss for the week and then, come the weekend, sniff the merlot and discover a vinegary pong.

To tell a wine is past its best, Alex Hunt, master of wine and purchasing director of Berkmann Wine Cellars, says – quite simply – it’ll taste less nice than when you opened it. A bottle of wine can last up to five days after opening, he says, but you’ll find the flavour starts to change after two or three days.

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